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#Monty: Panesar tried to LURE blonde backpacker to hotel room, hours after crushing Ashes defeat

Cricketer Monty Panesar allegedly used dating app ‘Tinder’ to entice a young American woman to his hotel room in Melbourne, hours after losing the fourth Ashes test against Australia, according to reports.

The Sunday Mirror quoted blond Amaerican backpacker “Alison” as saying that Panesar, 31, invited her to his room after exchanging messages with the girl, four hours after bowling the final ball of the match.

Tinder allows users to view other singletons within a 50-mile radius.

Alison is said to have spotted Panesar after the left-arm spinner and tailend batsman uploaded a picture of himself batting against Australia.

She claims to have recognised the spin bowler after attending the match the previous day.

‘I thought it was a bit strange that he would be behaving like that so soon after they had lost,’ she told the Sunday Mirror.

‘I wanted to talk to him about cricket but he had no intentions of that. All he seemed interested in was getting me over to the hotel.’

‘I would have met him in a public place but I was not going to meet him at his apartment by myself.’

Panesar, who divorced his Sikh wife Gursharan Rattan in 2012, reportedly told Alison that he loved American girls before inviting her to the Como hotel in the city.

It’s the latest damaging revelation to hit the cricketer in recent years.

He is said to have taken up drinking following his divorce. In 2011, he was ordered to stay away from his former wife after an incident outside a pub. Last summer he was arrested and fined for urinating on bouncers in a nightclub in Brighton.

Panesar has also been dropped from the England squad after his poor showing during the Ashes, which England lost 5-0 on Saturday.



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