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#MovingUp: Employment among Black and Ethnic Minority communities hits record high

Prime Minister David Cameron today hailed new figures which show that employment among people from Black and Ethnic Minority (BME) backgrounds is at an all-time high.

Figures published by the Office of National Statistics show there are 166,000 more people from BMW backgrounds in work compared with last year. 

The figures also revealed that unemployment has fallen across all ethnic groups including Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Black, African and Caribbean minorities.

“I warmly welcome these latest figures showing record employment rates for people of black and minority ethnic heritage”, Mr Cameron said.

“Along with reductions in the number of young people not in training, education or employment, this shows our long-term economic plan is delivering for people of all backgrounds and ages”, the PM added.

According to the government some 50,000 opportunities – including work experience, employer-led placements as well as new business start-up opportunities – have been snapped up by people from BME backgrounds. 

A further 21,000 placements have been taken up on work academies, sector-based training programs that offer people a pre-employment training, work experience placements and a guaranteed job interview in specific industries.

The Prime Minister continued: “This is not just great news for those individuals and their families, but it’s great for businesses and the economy too.

“That is why this government is committed to go further still and make sure barriers are lifted and opportunities are opened to people of all backgrounds. This is how we will truly ensure we have a brighter and more secure economic future.”



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