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#Multi-Culti: Halal specialists lose bid to open processing plant near Bradford Gurdwara

A group of British Sikhs has won a legal battle to stop the construction of a meat processing plant next to their Gurdwara in Bradford.

Worshippers at the Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara on Leeds Road had objected to the plant which was proposed by the Pakeezah Group, a halal meat specialists owned by a Pakistani family.

Campaigners for the Gurdwara told local council officials that hearing carcasses being cut up would upset worshippers at prayer as many Sikhs are strict vegetarians.

The Gurdwara’s general secretary Govinder Singh Dhaliwal said they were delighted by the Council’s decision and were grateful for all the support they had received from Bradford’s other religious groups during their fight.

He said, “This decision will strengthen the relationships among the faith communities and their support is a good example of community cohesion. This decision by the Council strengthens our belief in the democratic political process, which has responded to public opinion”.

Council leader, Councillor David Green, said, “We have listened to the considerable concerns expressed by local people and groups about the planning application. In light of the legal advice we’ve received, we’d rather not spend any public money and have therefore decided not to oppose the judicial review”.

Pakeezah was unavailable for comment.

– With inputs from the Press Trust of India



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