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#MultiCulti: Most Londoners are okay with an ethnic minority Mayor. But a Muslim?

A majority of voters in multi-cultural London would be comfortable with an ethnic minority mayor but a not-insignificant number of people would be “uncomfortable” if Boris Johnson’s replacement was a Muslim, a new survey has found.

The poll, by YouGov, found that a third of Londoners would be uncomfortable with a Muslim mayor, a figure that drops to just over ten percent if it was an ethnic minority mayor.

The Labour Party’s leading candidate – Sadiq Khan – is a British-Pakistani Muslim from South London.

One of four Conservative candidates, meanwhile, Syed Kamall, is also a Muslim.

Some 1150 Londoners were quizzed as part of the poll and asked whether they felt comfortable or uncomfortable about a range of issues.

31 percent of those polled said they were “uncomfortable” with a Muslim mayor while 55 percent said they were “comfortable”.

As for an ethnic minority mayor, while an overwhelming 76 percent of Londoners said they were “comfortable”, 13 percent said they would be uncomfortable with a person from an ethnic minority background running one of the world’s great metropolises. 



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