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Mumbai Cricket Association threatens to “ban” SRK from Wankhede

The Mumbai Cricket Association has threatened to ban Bollywood superstar from the iconic Wankhede Stadium after the star became embroiled in a heated exchange with security officials following an IPL match at the stadium Thursday night.    

Khan is the owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders IPL franchise which had played the local Mumbai Indians team at the Wankhede stadium earlier in the evening.
Reports say the star and his entourage scuffled with security guards who had allegedly tried to prevent SRK and a large group of children entering the pitch following the match.

An audio recording released by the Indian Express reveals the angry exchange between Khan and the security guards, with both parties accusing each other of “not talking properly” before the exchange becomes tense and abusive.  

Khan defended his actions, telling reporters that he became angry when security “mandhandled” the children who included his son and daughter.

Speaking outside his Mumbai residence, SRK said: “They were extremely aggressive. Some of the things they said I don’t even want to repeat. And yes I got angry.”

Khan said he would lodge a police complaint against the abusive stadium officials.

Earlier, the MCA president Vilasrao Deshmukh the Association would “consider a proposal to ban the actor from entering the stadium.”

The incident is the latest in a series of transgressions involving Bollywood’s biggest star, including a bust-up with the husband of one of his closest friends and a fine for smoking in public.

– Poonam Joshi



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