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Mumbai launches Pink Auto-rickshaws for the women by the women

Pink autorickshaws, for the women by the women Mumbai


Mumbai is soon to launch autorickshaws which will be operated for the women and by the women. As a result of five percent reservation for women in Maharashtra the Andheri RTO in Mumbai has released the list of 548 women who have been granted permits to operate these rickshaws. There are still 1316 more permits to be allocated.

While most rules are same for both genders certain rules have been relaxed for female drivers. However for both genders 15 years proof of residency and fluency in Marathi is a must.

These autorickshaws will not be the conventional black and yellow rickshaws that currently operate in the city but be either Pink or safforn for easy identification. Women commuters can choose to travel by these rickshaws alone or with their families. However the rickshaw drivers have no restrictions on who they choose  as passengers.

Incidentally Mumbai is not the first city to launch the Pick autorickshaws. Ranchi, Bhumneshwar , Cuttak and Gurgaon have launched Pink Richshaws operated by women since the Delhi gang rape in 2012.

This initiative has received a lot of positive response and enthusiasm.



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