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#Mystery: Killed over a property dispute? Who was involved?

A man has been charged with the murder of Wolverhampton hotelier Ranjit Singh Power who went missing after travelling to the Punjab on a business trip on 7 May.

Police in the city of Amritsar on Saturday revealed that a local driver, Sukhdev Singh, had been arrested in connection with Mr Power’s disappearance and death. 

According to reports, Mr Power’s body was found in the Anandpur Sahib woodland near Amritsar.  Sukhdev, who works for Mr Power’s business partner Baldev Singh Deol, picked up Mr Power at Amritsar airport on 7 May – the same day he made final contact with his family back in Wolverhampton.

Sources close to Mr Power’s family have told the UKAsian that he may have been killed over a property dispute involving Deol, who is also based in the West Midlands.

Mr Power, who owns the Ramada Park Hall Hotel in Wolverhampton, was scheduled to return to Britain on 15 May.

His family had feared he had been kidnapped for ransom and had even offered a reward of £25,000 for any information. 

Mr Power’s son Gian, 23, said: “My father has been murdered in India. Emma [Mr Power’s daughter] and I will continue to do all we can to get answers.  The police investigation will continue in both the UK and in India and we will continue until answers are found and justice is served.”



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