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‘Bolly Brit’: A brand new film genre

‘Naachle London’ heralds all-new film genre: the ‘Bolly-Brit’

On the day the Prime Minister hailed the British Film Industry’s contribution to the UK economy and its incalculable cultural worth, a new production company has announced an all-new film genre.  With its’ head in Hollywood, heart in Bollywood and Made in Britain ‘Bolly Brit’ films aim to draw on the established industry nous of  Hollywood, the rapidly expanding global appeal of Bollywood and the plenitude of creative talent in the UK to create films that will appeal across the board.  

The new genre is the brainchild of Aviary Films and its founders Neville Raschid and Danesh Varma.  In spite of prior involvement in the film industry, both Raschid and Varma are accountants by trade and are the latest in a series of producers marrying active financing with the best creative film industry talent, inspired by the success of the likes of Thomas Tull and Legendary Pictures, producers of The Dark Knight trilogy and The Hangover films.  Aviary has already tested the format to great success with 2008’s Ealing Comedy starring comedian Kulvinder Ghir.  

The company’s second ‘Bolly Brit’ film will be ‘Naachle London’; touted as a uniquely British take on the classic Bollywood genre.  Set against the backdrop of the London Mela, the film tells the story of ‘Vijay’ (Raj Ghatak), a struggling musician and devoted father to ‘s9kna’ (Alyssa Sharma).  At a West London dance class s9kna attends, Vijay meets ‘Rani’ (Sofia Hayat), a successful businesswoman and single mother to two children.  While their children prepare for a dance competition at the Mela, Vijay and Rani fall in love but are forced to contend with practical, real world problems; from disparities in social status to family and identity crises.  Whilst the narrative follows a familiar Bollywood pattern, the film does away with the superfluous drama that is inherent in Bollywood cinema.  

‘Naachle London’ is also set apart from regular Bollywood fare by the fact that it has been created entirely in the UK; from the development of the script to the editing and everything in-between has been carried out by a UK-based team of talent.  

In a year dominated by big-budget singularly Bollywood productions this Bolly Brit film will no doubt provide a welcome respite.

‘Naachle London’ is released UK-wide 24th February 2012 



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