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#NatashaAsghar: The importance of the Strength of Conviction

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Prime Minister David Cameron will be hoping that Natasha can help deliver Newport East to the Conservatives

The most important character trait for a politician is not integrity, credibility or loyalty. 

Whilst those traits are doubtless important, the most crucial is his or her strength of conviction – particularly in relation to what he or she believes in.

Natasha Asghar – the Conservative MP for the Welsh constituency of Newport East – appears blessed with more than her fair share of this particular character trait. 

Irrespective of your political hue there’s much to admire about a politician whose strength of conviction in her beliefs and her party’s ideology transcends social, cultural and economic perceptions.

When I meet her for the first time – as journalist and Prospective Parliamentary Candidate instead of colleagues from different British Asian media outlets – that strength of conviction comes as a pleasant surprise, given that the 30-year-old is best known as the glamorous face of Zee TV in the UK. 

The worlds of politics and showbiz may appear incongruous at first but there is a surprising amount of convergence, not least the fact that both attract those with a keen eye for fame and riches but very little appreciation for the hardships both entail – travails that can only be overcome at great mental, physical and emotional cost.

The ones who do eventually succeed are those who have, above all else, the strength of their convictions.



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