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#Noir: ‘Titli’ – Oppression, Circularity and Butterflies.

The London Film (LFF) Festival gets underway in a weeks’ time and this year’s South Asian line-up is an absolute cracker.

It continues a recent trend at LFF and other film festivals around the world providing a platform for Indian filmmakers who refuse to peddle the usual Indian – read ‘Bollywood’ – fare.

And, it appears, it’s paying off. 

One of the South Asian highlights from last year’s LFF favourite’s – ‘Titli’ – will finally arrive in cinemas.

Directed by Kanu Behl and produced by Dibakar Bannerjee, the film tells the story of a young man, ‘Titli’ (the fantastic Shashank Arora), the youngest member of a violence family of modern-day highway bandits. 

Alarmed by the violence and bloodshed around him, Titli plots his escape from the family home – a task far more complex than it first appears.

It is as far removed from what is usually associated with Indian cinema as it can possibly get so the news today that it will be in cinemas on general release next month will be warmly welcomed by audiences across India.

In preparation, producers have also released an updated trailer.


The film receives widespread acclaim from critics for its wonderful authenticity. 

The UKAsian caught up with director Kanu Behl during the Festival to find out more.

‘Titli’ is in cinemas 30 October.



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