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#NotHappy: Kriti Sanon publicly shames passenger watching pirated ‘Dilwale’.


‘Dilwale’ star Kriti Sanon has publicly shamed an airline passenger who was caught by the actress watching a pirated copy of the hit film on an Indian domestic flight.

Sanon, who appears alongside Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol and Varun Dhawan in Rohit Shetty’s mega-blockbuster, was on a flight to Delhi at the end of December when she was sat next to a man who watched the film via his iphone projector.

The film had been in cinemas just over a week.

In a series of Tweets on her Twitter account, Sanon said she was “sad” and “annoyed”.

One tweet read: “Sad to c the hardwork of so many ppl being watched in such pathetic quality.  Pls enjoy films in cinemas”.


When the actress then tried to tell the passenger the error of his ways, she said he was more interested in “showing off his projector”.

While ‘Dilwale’ is arguably the most convoluted Bollywood pot-boiler in years, it still doesn’t excuse piracy and showing off one’s projector, we say.



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