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#Nuptials: Cricket legend Imran Khan set to announce marriage to BBC weather girl – Reports

After days of intense speculation, Pakistani cricket legend Imran Khan appears to have confirmed that he has married a British-Pakistani former BBC weather presenter.

The 62-year-old spoke to reporters at Heathrow Airport before catching a flight to Pakistan on Monday and said:“I am going to Pakistan to share good news about my marriage with the nation.  I have nothing to hide”, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Hours earlier Khan had said that he would be making a formal announcement on his return to Pakistan as “marriage is not a crime which one shall hide.  I will tell everyone when the time is right”.

Khan, who divorced British heiress Jemima Goldsmith in 2004, had been linked to 41-year-old divorced mother of three Reham Khan for a while but rumours of their secret nuptials began circulating late in December.

At the time he moved to quash the rumours saying they were “greatly exaggerated”.  His sister Aleema too announced that a wedding had not taken place. 

Speaking to Mail Online on Tuesday however, Aleema expressed her shock at the news and concern for Khan’s children with Goldsmith.

“It is his decision.  He is a grown up.  It is more important how the children feel.  I suppose in any situation like this the children will not feel good about it.”

She added that she hoped Reham Khan “will be good for Pakistan and our brother”.

Imran’s new bride was born to Pakistani parents and Libya and was previously married to a doctor. 

The union seems to have divided opinion in Pakistan with scores of people taking to Twitter to troll Reham whilst others came out in support of Imran, calling for people to “give a break” to a man who has “devoted his life to Pakistan”.



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