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#Obstacle?: ‘Pro-Immigration’ BBC hindering govt efforts to reduce immigration – Report

The BBC’s “reluctance” to address concerns about immigration has made it tougher for the government to clamp down on mass migration, a report has claimed.

MigrationWatch UK, which campaigns for stricter rules for immigrants, said in a report released on Thursday that the BBC as well as the Civil Service was “pro-immigration” and refused to address the impact of immigration on population growth and British jobs.

The report claims that this bias against stricter immigration regulations meant the government was not spending enough on tighter border controls nor on clearly a backlog of immigration cases that now stands at nearly 400,000.

According to MigrationWatch, the government was spending just £1.8 billion of its £700 billion budget on immigration control.

“This is clearly inadequate given the scale of the problem and the depth of public concern. Underfunding is one of the primary reasons why the Home Office has been unable to address the very large backlog of cases that it inherited from the previous government”, the report states.

The report cited disagreements between the Tories and Liberal Democrats on the issue of immigration as another reason for the government “not even addressing the case for reducing immigration”.

Lord Green of Deddington, MigrationWatch chairman, said that the “battle for public opinion” had been won by what he called a “powerful” immigration lobby.

The BBC has denied any bias on the issue, saying that its coverage of a “complex” issue was “in the right place”.



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