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#Odious: Lankan-origin Tory MP’s shock at UKIP opponent’s “SHOOT” threat

A Sri Lankan-origin Conservative Party candidate has expressed his “shock” after his UKIP opponent was filmed threatening to shoot him.

Ranil Jawayardena, the Conservative candidate for North East Hampshire, was the subject of a racist rant by UKIP’s Robert Blay who was filmed by the Daily Mirror making the remarks at an event attended by his party’s leader Nigel Farage. 

Asked if he thought Mr Jayawardena could become the first Asian MP from North East Hampshire, Blay, 55, said: “If he (does) I will personally put a bullet between his eyes.”

“I won’t have this f***** as our Prime Minister.  I absolutely loathe him.”

He claimed that Mr Jayawardena was “not British enough” because his parents had “only come to the UK in the seventies”, whereas he had a “400-year heritage”.

Blay added: “It makes me quite sick.  But I’ve always said in my constituency you could put a monkey out there with a blue rosette on and it would win. 

Blay, a former bank accountant, also claimed that Mr Jayawardena’s family had come to Britain to “ponce off of us like all those East Europeans”.

On Wednesday, Mr Jayawardena said he was shocked by the comments and that Blay could have been selected as a UKIP candidate.

“My family believes in hard work.  My father came to this country to do just that – never claiming a penny from the state.  He’s contributed to society as a magistrate and I’ve done the same as a local councillor”, he said.

“I hope to contribute positively to our country by representing my community – the community in which I grew up – in parliament”, he added.

Blay also incorrectly claimed that Mr Jayawardena was a Tamil, descended from Indian Tamils who he said “had moved to Sri Lanka as labourers during the early part of the 20th Century before getting their arses kicked” when they “tried to take over the country”.

Blay, who had previously been a Conservative supporter before switching to UKIP over disagreements about Europe, has since been suspended from his party.

A UKIP spokesman said his comments were “abhorrent” and apologized to Mr Jayawardena and his family. 

Mr Jayawardena is expected triumph in the constituency which has long been a Conservative stronghold. 



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