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#Off!: Romesh Ranganathan to be “DEPORTED”…on the orders of his mom.


Fed up with broadcasters, presenters, hosts not to mention fellow comedians constantly mis-pronouncing his name, British Sri Lankan comic Romesh Ranganathan is packing it in and travelling to Sri Lanka to find his roots.

The comedian will travel to the country of his parents’ birth for a new BBC Three series, announcing on Twitter today that he is being “deported” on the orders of his mother.

The six-part series, titled ‘Romesh’s Return Ticket’ will air later this year.

The maternal oversight is very real.

Everything that Romesh does on the trip will have been set up by his mother. 

Each episode will see the comedian meet a distant Sri Lankan friend or relation, and Ranganathan will be expected to take part in traditional rituals and pull his weight in daily tasks.

Ranganathan, who grew up in Crawley, Surrey, admits that he doesn’t speak a word of Tamil, has no idea about his heritage and has little desire to explore his background.

“I am both excited and nervous to be exploring the country of my heritage,” he said.

“My mum has long been frustrated with my lack of cultural understanding, and I am looking forward to her finally telling me that she loves me.”

Romesh’s Return Ticket will be broadcast on BBC Three later in 2015.

Oh and by the way, it’s Ranga-NA-than with the emphasis on “NA” as in “MA”.  Not Ranga-NATHAN as in…Nathan.




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