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Oldest Brit says mystery Indian liquid is the secret

Britain’s oldest man has said the secret to his long life is a “mystery brown elixir” he was once given whilst on army duty in India.

The Reverend Reg Dean – who turns 110 on Sunday December 04 – said he was given the potion by a doctor who claimed the drink would guarantee long life.

‘Well I’m very naive, I can’t say no, so I drank it and here I am.’

Reverend Dean is also a strict vegetarian and enjoys a regular glass of gin.

Born in 1902 in Staffordshire, Reverend Dean has live through two World Wars, seen 26 different prime ministers and received seven telegrams from the queen.  

He has been married three times and has one son and two grandchildren.

After being ordained in the 1920’s Reverend Dean volunteered as an army chaplain in Burma and India during World War II.

In 1958, Mr Dean became  a teacher and later served as a church minister before retiring in 1982 at the grand old age of 80.



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