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Outlook magazine calls Obama ‘Underachiever’ after Time cover

Indian magazine Outlook has dubbed the US President Barack Obama “The Underachiever” on its latest cover, in apparent retaliation to Time magazine doing the same to India’s prime minister Manmohan Singh.

Using Time’s words on Mr Singh, Outlook’s cover reads: “America needs a reboot”.  

The American magazine’s cover story provoked unusually heated debate in India.

Outlook’s editor s9kna Prasad however, denied the cover was a ‘tit-for-tat’ response.

Time’s cover story asked: “India needs a reboot.  Is Prime Minister Manmohan SIngh up to the job?”

Outlook’s cover in turn raised the question: “He promised hope and change. Four years on, President Barack Obama’s sheen is gone. Can his lofty rhetoric carry him home again?”

India’s government has recently come under heavy criticism for what many are calling “policy paralysis”.

– UKAsian Staff



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