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#Overland: London-based friends to embark on 10,000 miles charity jaunt to India

The call of the open road and unexplored distant lands has long been an integral part of the human experience and now five London-based friends are set to take our love for the ‘Road Trip’ to a whole new level.

The group – who call themselves ‘Nomads on Wheels’ – will this week embark on a trip that’s a little bit more than paying a visit to the countryside for some brunch and real ale: a mammoth 10,000 miles trip from London to Mumbai.

The intrepid adventurers, all originally from India, will take in two continents and 14 countries on the 25-day trip aboard an early-Noughties Nissan Terrano, a rather unassuming 4X4 with a bullet-proof reliability record.

The vehicle will be home to the five friends throughout the trip.

After crossing the English Channel on the night of 12 September, the friends will traverse through France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia before cutting across the vast and dramatic plains of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgystan. 

They will then head on the western-most reaches of China before descending on down to Pakistan and on to India through the Wagah border crossing and on to Mumbai through Jaipur, Indore and Ahmedabad.

Remarkably enough, none of the friends – Owais Amiri, Kirti Puthran, Ram K, Shivashish Misra and Vamsi Salla – have ever undertaken a trip requires require the sort of mental and physical endurance that this type of road trip will demand of them.

And quite apart from meeting up at the local pub – where the plan was hatched a year ago – the friends have also never spent such a lengthy time together at such close quarters.

Amin said: “It’s going to be such an adventure and one of the most amazing things we have ever done.

“The preparation is madness and we know the trip is going to be quite daunting, but we are all looking forward to it.

The ultimate aim of the trip however, will doubtless spur the group on. 

Whilst the original plan was to do some good old-fashioned male bonding, ‘Nomads on Wheels’ has since turned into a charity project. 

The trip will raise funds for SOS Children’s Villages, a German charity that helps abandoned or orphaned children around the world, as well as for the US-based Association for India’s Development (AID), a volunteer movement which promotes sustainable development with projects across the sub-continent.

In addition, the Nomads aim to raise awareness for Equal Rights for Children, a new United Nations initiative.

The group has already raised more than £5000 in pledges from supporters and sponsors as well as a number of pre-trip challenges, including a triathlon completed by Vamsi.

A charity dinner on 12 September prior to their departure is expected to raise that total pass the £7000 mark.

Daily updates from the journey will be available on the group’s website at www.nomadsonwheels.com as well as right here on the UKAsian, the group’s online media partners.

You can also follow the Nomads on their Facebook page.



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