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#PersonalSpace: 600 asylum seekers put up at 98-bed Croydon hotel

A Croydon politician has called for immediate action after housing inspectors found more than six hundred asylum seekers crammed into a 98-bedroom hotel in the south London borough.

According to reports, nine people were put up in just one room whilst a majority of the others had four each.

Local MP Steve Reed has now written to Immigration Minister James Brokenshire after the overcrowded conditions at the Queen’s Hotel near Crystal Palace were brought to light by Croydon Council’s housing enforcement team.

Inspectors found one of the buildings had 500 people sleeping in it, while another building, which is supposed to accommodate up to 68, had 100 people in it.

Mr Reed said he has received complaints from people living nearby about noise, intimidation and antisocial behaviour by the asylum seekers in the hotel.

He said: “I am furious that the Home Office didn’t consult either the local community or elected representative about plans to house more than 600 asylum seekers in the area.

“The hotel is on the edge of our small, but thriving shopping centre in a highly residential area.

“It seems highly inappropriate to place so many asylum seekers in an area like this without warning or preparation.

“I am demanding an urgent meeting to discuss local residents’ concerns.

“I am worried about the safety of the people living in the hotel, the sudden conversion of the hotel into a bed and breakfast hostel without consultation and the impact of an extra 600 people suddenly arriving in the neighbourhood.”

A Home Office spokesman said: “We are taking urgent steps with our housing providers to reduce the number of people living at the Queens Hotel in Crystal Palace.

“We have ensured that the numbers in accommodation at this location meet appropriate requirements.”



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