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#Pictured: The “lovely” and “normal” man accused of stabbing his heavily pregnant partner.


Company director Babur Karamat Raja posing with Natalie Queiroz, the heavily pregnant woman he is accused of stabbing.

The first pictures have emerged of the British Asian businessman who is accused of stabbing his heavily pregnant partner.

Babur Karamat Raja, 41, will face magistrates in Birmingham on Monday charged with attempted murder, child destruction, assault and possession of a knife following the attack on Natalie Queiroz in Sutton Coldfield on Friday.

Forty-year-old Miss Queiroz, who works for a pharmaceutical company, was reportedly days away from giving birth when she was attacked.

She was repeatedly stabbed in the arm and stomach before by-standers stepped in to detain the attacker before calling emergency services.

Her baby girl was delivered by caesarean section hours later.  Both mother and daughter are said to be doing well at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

Mr Raja and Ms Queiroz are said to have recently moved in to a new home near Sutton Coldfield.  According to Companies House records, Mr Raja is a director of a Mercedes Benz service centre in the town.

A co-worker told the Daily Mail that Mr Raja had been “over the moon” about becoming a father and had seemed “absolutley normal” when he left work on Friday.

Passers-by flagged down police officers after the attack on Ms Queiroz in the busy town centre, and police said several members of the public – including 17-year-old Christian Blundell – attempted to intervene, two of whom were treated for minor injuries.

Ms Queiroz was airlifted from the scene by air ambulance at around 4pm and her unborn child was later delivered safely.

Her family said: “We’d all like to express our heartfelt thanks to everybody who helped her on Friday afternoon. Your fearlessness and selfless actions saved both their lives and we are overwhelmingly grateful to you all.

Mr Blundell described how he and his friends had been on their way to get some food when they heard screaming in the street and ran over to investigate.

They discovered the woman covered in a blood and Christian stepped in to stop the attack.  When police arrived, he helped look after the victim.

Mr Blundell, a drama student at Birmingham Ormiston Academy, has been hailed a hero for his actions.

He said:, “I was only doing my civic duty, I do not class myself as a hero. I never thought I’d see that much blood, I’ve never felt so panicked in my life.

“I was so worried I couldn’t tell if she was alive or dead, her hair was soaked red, I couldn’t even tell what colour her natural hair was.

“The image of her on the floor is something that I will never be able to not see, you don’t forget that kind of thing.

“I did think about the danger I was in, but I’m not somebody who would let an incident pass me by and I had to do something, I hate violence.”



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