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#Precocious: Meet the Mumbai-born 11-year-old who’s smarter than Einstein and Hawking.


This is the 11-year-old Mumbai-born girl who has just achieved a score of 162 on an IQ test of Mensa – the organization for testing high IQ individuals.

Precocious Kashmea Wahi’s achievement puts her ahead of the IQ scores of the likes of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

The daughter of techies from India, Kashmea and her family moved to London in 2008 and showed immediately that she was gifted both academically and in extra-curricular activities.

Her parents, whilst admiring of her daughter’s breezing through school at Notting Hill and Ealing High School, a top rated independent school in the UK, were not immediately aware that their daughter was a bit more special than special.

As a result, Kashmea is said to have zeroed in on the Mensa page herself, applying to sit for the Mensa Cattell III B Test – a well-known international evaluation process.

Cattell III B has 150 questions, often assessing comprehension through passages of texts, while the maximum score that can be achieved is 161 for adults, and 162 for under-18s.

The high achiever at school felt it would be a good way to convince her parents to get off her case for not being buried in her books for long hours.

“We are ecstatic at Kashmea’s Mensa achievement. Although we always believed she had the intellectual prowess, the acknowledgement is reassuring that she does possess the ability, the energy which if well channelised, can lead to something wonderful,” her parents said.

Kashmea was instrumental in her school team making it to third place in the Oxford Maths challenge last year, loves net ball, plays competitive lawn tennis and has competed in national level chess tournaments, winning medals and trophies.

“I can confirm that Kashmea is one of the youngest to achieve 162 in the supervised test as it can only be taken by people over the age of 10 and a half,” a Mensa spokesperson confirmed.

Mensa is believed to be the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. Membership is open to anyone who can demonstrate an IQ in the top 2 per cent of the population, measured by a recognised or approved IQ testing process.



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