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Rape charges against Bhandarkar dismissed

The Supreme Court of India has dismissed rape charges against ‘Heroine’ director Madhur Bhandarkar.

Actress Preeti Jain – who first brought the charges against Bhandarkar in July 2004 – has also withdrawn her case.

Ms Jain had alleged the filmmaker abused her for several years as  she struggled to make her way in Bollywood.  

She accused the award-winning director of raping her after promising to marry her and cast her in his next film.  

The director said he was “overwhelmed” by Monday’s verdict.

Bhandarkar had told the court that the police had not followed proper procedure while investigating the case.

“It was always a false case. But I still had to fight for eight long years,” Bhandarkar told Times Now channel.

“But it never dampened my spirit. I always fight. This is a big relief and I am happy it is finally over,” he said.

In 2005, Jain was arrested and charged with conspiracy to murder the director.

She was later released on bail.



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