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#Return: Satyajit Ray’s son to bring back popular sleuth ‘Feluda’ to the big screen.


Satyajit Ray’s iconic, Sherlock Holmes-inspired detective Feluda is to make a long-awaited return to the big screen – thanks to Ray’s filmmaker son Sandip.

Ray junior is set to amalgamate two ‘Feluda’ stories in a single film and will see Bengali actor Abir Chatterjee take up the role of the tall and lanky, martial arts loving sleuth who uses his sharp analytical skills to solve crimes.

Sandip, who has previously adapted Feluda for the big screen, said the two stories will take up each half of the movie.

He also expressed his excitement about casting Chatterjee.

“Abir fits the bill as a star with his young age, athletic build, height and intelligent face — all essential prerequisites which my father had visualised,” Ray said.

‘Feluda’ is one of the most beloved figures in Bengali popular culture.

Satyajit Ray was reportedly inspired to create the character after he was inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘Sherlock Holmes’.  Feluda himself refers to Holmes repeatedly in his stories while his deductive skills mirror those of Holmes’.  What’s more, Feluda’s cousin and sidekick Topshe is modelled after Holmes’ Mr Watson.

Feluda – real name Prodosh Chandra Mitra – first appeared in 1965 in the Ray-edited children’s magazine ‘Sandesh’.

Mitra/Feluda is a rather ordinary Bengali youth but blessed with extraordinary analytical skills – possibly derived from his mathematician father.  Choosy about the cases he takes on, Feluda picks out those mysteries that will stimulate his grey matter.

And he was quintessentially Bengali – a chain smoker with a love for good food, pop music, movies and a voracious appetite for reading which only enhances those deductive skills.



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