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#Reveal: Shrien Dewani could be asked to testify at UK public inquiry

Millionaire businessman Shrien Dewani, who was cleared of organizing the murder of his wife Anni during their honeymoon in South Africa, could be grilled about her death in a public inquiry in London.

Dewani, 35, was acquitted of Anni Dewani’s murder in December following a high-profile trial in Cape Town.

The South African government’s prosecution case collapsed after several key witnesses were discredited during the trial and Dewani was never called to testify in his defence.

Now an inquest into Anni’s death may resume after a North London coroner announced he may hold a public inquiry.

The Sun newspaper reports that coroner Andrew Walker has emailed several individuals linked to the case that he wants to re-open the inquiry which had adjourned during the police investigation into Anni’s kidnap and murder inside the Gugulethu township in Cape Town in December 2010.

Dewani was charged with orchestrating the murder.  South African prosecutors alleged that the Bristol-based care home owner was bi-sexual and wanted to get out of his marriage to Sweden-born Anni.

The news comes after a formal complaint was lodged last week against the South African judge who dismissed the case against Dewani. 

The complaint, filed by a group of academics and lawyers, accuses Judge Jeanette Traverso of “gross judicial bias and misconduct”.

In her ruling, Judge Traverso said that the evidence provided by the prosecution’s witnesses – three men already serving jail terms for their role in Anni’s killings – was flawed.

She also dismissed evidence about Dewani’s trysts with gay men before and after Anni’s death, saying it was “irrelevant” to the trial. 

Dewani, who had fought a long battle against extradition to South Africa, left the country without comment soon after his trial collapsed.

He has always denied any involvement in his wife’s murder.



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