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#Revolution: Aam Aadmi Party UK supporters celebrate Kejriwal’s Delhi landslide

UK-based supporters of the Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal gathered in London on Valentine’s Day to celebrate their party’s resounding victory in the recent Delhi state elections.

Much like the party’s supporters back in India, the UK supporters reflect AAP’s unique appeal which spans India’s social, cultural and economic spectrum – among the members are doctors, lawyers, management consultants, marketing executives, students and a whole host of others representing all levels of society.

The organizational configuration of the UK group also reflects AAP’s own fluid, collaborative and constantly evolving structure.

Whilst it is not a registered charity or doesn’t describe itself as “official” in any way, the group has contributed in innumerable ways to AAP’s stunning rise to prominence in recent years, whether it’s through spread the party’s anti-corruption message in the UK or raising funds.

The UKAsian’s editor Viji Alles caught up with some of the party’s jubilant supporters at the event in Southall.



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