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#RoundTheWorld: Pakistani police officers shot dead while protecting Spanish cyclist

Six Pakistani police officers have been shot dead as they accompanied a Spanish cyclist travelling through Balochistan.

The officers were guarding Javier Colorado who is travelling from Europe to Asia on his bike, when the group was ambushed just 30 miles from Quetta, the capital of the restive province.

Mr Colorado was not hurt in the attack.

A message on his Facebook said he intended to continue his trip.

Police officials had offered to accompany the cyclist given the high number of kidnappings in the region.

Mr Colorado was assigned a 12-man escort and two vehicles by local police after he entered from Iran on Tuesday night.

Soon after setting off, a group of armed men attacked the convoy, shooting dead at least six of the guards and wounding five others.

Several hours after the attack, Mr Colorado’s supporters posted a message on his Facebook page: “First of all, we want to thank the Spanish consulate in Pakistan for all their help. We’ve received a call from the embassy and they have informed us that Javier is well and not hurt.

“Today he will fly to Lahore, on the border with India. His initial intent is to continue his trip.”

In an earlier message, Mr Colorado posted “Goodbye Iran, hello Pakistan” and said he was in Pakistan, close to Quetta, having cycled more than 10,000km since his trip began on 1 October.

“My next stop is the capital of this country, Islamabad.”

Two Czech women abducted as they travelled through Balochistan from Iran last March are still missing.



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