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#RoyalFoods: Goan food caterer admits to buying meat from PET FOOD SUPPLIER.


An Indian-origin food caterer from Swindon who supplies Indian and Goan food to local festivals has admitted to taking a delivery of raw meat from a pet food supplier.

Royly da Silva, owner of Royal Foods, was investigated by food inspectors from Swindon Borough Council after he was found buying half a tonne of meat from a dirty and unrefrigerated truck.

Further investigations revealed that a storage facility used by Royal Foods near Bright Street in Swindon didn’t meet health and hygiene standards.

A spokesman for Swindon Borough Council said of the facility: “It was cluttered with old, filthy accumulations of old food containers, littered with dust and cobwebs, food equipment including three upright refrigerators which were turned off and a large circular barbecue grill which [was] recognised from the Goan Festival 2014.”

The Council later took da Silva and his company to court where magistrates ordered half a tonne of food items to be destroyed.

Da Silva also admitted to buying meat from a pet food supplier but was unable to specify the supplier or produce receipts.

Royal Foods had previously received five-star ratings for its storage facilities but had never disclosed the Bright Street facility, according to reports.



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