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Saif Ali Khan charged after Mumbai bust-up

Perhaps it’s something about 2012, perhaps the excessive humidity in Mumbai or even the stress of his eagerly anticipated release or –  more improbably – perhaps he was still in character!  

Whatever the reason, suave Agent Vinod star Saif Ali Khan has become the latest Bollywood leading light to fall foul of the ‘Petulent Star’ syndrome which afflicted the mighty Shah Rukh Khan earlier this year.

Mumbai Police have reportedly charged Saif for assaulting a businessman at a restaurant of the plush Taj Hotel on Tuesday night.

According to witnesses quoted by the Press Trust of India, Khan was out dining with actress girlfriend Kareena Kapoor and several friends when Iqbal Sharma – who had been sitting at the next table – requested the actor and his companions to tone down the noise level.

The affronted actor – the son of cricket legend ‘Tiger’ Pataudi and actress Sharmila Tagore – is then reported to have proceeded to recalibrate Mr Sharma’s nose.

This is the second case of assault against the actor; in 2008 he was accused of a similar recalibration of a journalists’ nose.

In his latest film ‘Agent Vinod’, Saif plays a hard drinking and preternaturally tough government agent investigating the murder of a fellow spy.

The film is released 23rd February 2012.

–    Vijitha Alles



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