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Samia Shahid’s ex-husband and father appear in Pakistani court.

The ex-husband and father of a British-Pakistani woman suspected to be the victim of an ‘honour killing’ appeared in a Pakistani court today after being arrested by police.

Samia Shahid, 28, from Bradford, died last month during a visit to her family village in Punjab.

Shahid’s ex-husband, Muhammad Shakeel, and father, Muhammad Shahid, have been arrested and will remain in custody. Shakeel

Samia’s ex-husband Muhammad Shakeel.

The second husband of the beauty therapist, Mukhtar Kazam, claimed she was murdered for bringing ‘dishonour’ on her family.

She was allegedly hunted by her family in 2014 after she ran away from the cousin she had been forced to marry.

‘Shahid’s ex-husband, Muhammad Shakeel, who was on pre-arrest bail, was arrested along with Shahid’s father, Muhammad Shahid, after a local court did not extend Shakeel’s bail,’ Aqeel Abbas, a local police official said.

Abbas said both men would remain in custody for four days in Jhelum, 78 miles east of the capital Islamabad.
Police have not charged the men.

Kazam and Shahid, a dual British-Pakistani citizen, had been married for two years and were living in Dubai, police said.


Samia’s father Muhammad Shahid.

Kazam, who is Pakistani, said his wife had angered her parents by converting to Shia Islam, his sect, before their wedding.

Earlier this month at an emotional news conference he had presented a copy of the post-mortem report into his wife’s death that said the 28-year-old had a 7.5ins gash on her neck, suggesting she had been strangled.

Shahid’s father has denied the charges and said he did not want an investigation, claiming his daughter died of natural causes.

Islamic scholar Syed Sibtain Kazmi says he recorded threats from Samia’s family as he refused to say where they were – and then gave them to the police.

He first met the murder victim when she came to the Anjuman-e-Haideria Shia mosque in Bradford for advice about to how to divorce Mohammed Shakeel.

He told the BBC: ‘She told me under oath that her first marriage was a forced marriage, which happened without her free will as she was pressurised into the marriage by her family’.

West Yorkshire Police have declined to respond to whether they had offered to protect Samia at the time described by Mr Kazmi.

A spokesman said: ‘West Yorkshire police is currently reviewing all previous contact with Samia Shahid, including any alleged criminal offences and the action taken as a result.

‘Her death remains a matter for the Pakistani authorities and we are continuing to liaise with them.’

Some 500 women are killed each year in Pakistan by relatives who feel their family has been shamed by a daughter or sister fraternising with men, eloping or otherwise infringing conservative demands on women’s modesty.



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