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#Saturation: ‘Do away with T20 Internationals. 50-over format is a better game.’ – Aussie great Allan Border

Australian cricket legend Allan Border has called for international Twenty20 matches to be abolished.

Border said that a bi-annual T20 World Cup is sufficient given that domestic competitions such as the IPL and Australia’s Big Bash League do enough to hold fans’ attention in the shortest format of the game. 

The left-hand batsman, who is widely credited with leading the revival of Australian cricket through the 1980’s and early 1990’s, said doing away with T20 internationals would allow countries to concentrate on the 50-over format and Tests.

Border told ABC News: “I wouldn’t be playing T20 international cricket at all, I would save that for a World Cup every two years.

“I think there is enough domestic Twenty20 cricket to fill the program out quite nicely. We’ve got the Big Bash, there’s the IPL, there’s Twenty20 competitions in basically every country.

“Why we have to play international Twenty20 cricket as well as that, I don’t necessarily agree with.”

As the debate about player burnout and the inexorable rise of T20 continues, many outside the game have questioned the relevance of fifty-over matches.

Border however, believes that One Day Internationals are a far more tactical, and consequently appealing, format.

“I’d hate to see the 50-over game wither and die, I really think it’s a wonderful game of cricket and I think the World Cup coming up in Australia and New Zealand will be an absolute ripper,” he said.

“I think that would be a shame, I think the 50-over game is a superior game to 20-over cricket.

“I prefer the 50-over game as far as the ebb and flow, the bowler is in the contest a little more, and you can have little periods where you bat or bowl yourself out of the game and then bat or bowl yourself back into the game.

“That’s very difficult to do in 20-over cricket.”



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