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#Scheme: Court shown footage of Shrien Dewani handing over money to hitman

The trial of honeymoon murder suspect Shrien Dewani has been shown video footage which allegedly shows the businessman handing over money to a hit man to murder his wife Anni Dewani.

Dewani looked agitated as the court was shown CCTV footage, which showed Dewani meeting with taxi driver Zola Tongo and asking him whether “the job had been done”.

Prosecutors told the court that hours before, the Dewani’s taxi had been hijacked as Tongo drove the couple through the Gugulethu slum in Cape Town.

While Dewani was released unharmed, 29-year-old Anni was found shot dead inside the abandoned taxi. 

The video clips also show Dewani meeting repeatedly with Tongo and behaving furtively in and around the luxury Cape Grace hotel where he was honeymooning with Anni.

In one clip, Dewani is seen in conversation with Tongo with a bag of money in his hands before glancing at a nearby CCTV camera and immediately moving away.

Giving evidence to court, Tongo also stated that Dewani had paid him the equivalent of £400 prior to the killing and the remaining £400 hours after, with the world’s media gathering outside the Cape Grace.

Tongo said he had managed to slip into the hotel to collect the remaining money, only to be given just £75 by Dewani. 

Tongo is serving 18 years for his part in Mrs Dewani’s murder, under a plea agreement and sentencing deal in return for giving evidence against Dewani. 

The CCTV clips were played to Cape Town’s high court after Dewani’s former gay lover Leopold Leisser, nicknamed the German Master, had given evidence – and was told that intimate details about the pair’s meetings were irrelevant to the case against the bisexual Dewani, which alleges he orchestrated and paid for the murder of his wife because he was unhappy in the marriage.

A string of emails between Dewani and a separate, long-term lover were also ruled inadmissible by the judge.

Dewani denies five charges including murder and kidnapping.

His trial continues.



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