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#SocialImpact: Washington Post hack Rajiv Chandrasekaran to head new Starbucks film unit

Renowned Indian-American journalist and author Rajiv Chandrasekaran will head a new media company that will create “social impact” films and TV programs in partnership with American coffee giant Starbucks.

Chandrasekaran quit as the national editor of the Washington Post earlier this march to take up his new posting.

The new production company will start off with several TV and big screen projects based on ‘For Love of Country’, a 2014 book co-authored by Chandrasekaran and Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz and which explores the lives of American military veterans.

Chandrasekaran said: “I am not doing this so they can sell more cups of coffee. 

“What we are doing is trying to play a positive and constructive role and broaden understanding across the country around issues that matter to our nation”.

Schultz is known for his campaigning work, particularly with military veterans and race relations, and he has made the support of social causes a vital part of his company’s Corporation Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

Chandrasekaran has held several jobs at The Post since joining the paper in 1994 – including national editor, assistant managing editor and Baghdad bureau chief.

He is also the author of “Imperial Life in the Emerald City,” a book about the post-invasion reconstruction of Iraq.



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