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#SOCIALJUSTICE: Couple caught in hotel clinch; Married off by Police

Police in the Indian state of Bihar have reportedly ordered a couple caught in a clinch at a hotel to get married.

The young couple had checked in under pseudonyms and had been attempting to spend some quality time together but were caught in a raid on the hotel in the town of Bhagalpur, east of the state capital Patna.

“We had gone to the hotel in search of another runaway couple.  Instead, we found these two couples registered as married couples under false names,” a police official told the Hindustan Times.

According to reports one senior officer then convinced the lovers that the only way to escape the “stigma” of being “caught” was to get married.  Hours later the couple were married off at a local temple in a ceremony official described as “simple” and in keeping with Hindu tradition.

Most importantly, the official added, no dowry was exchanged.



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