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#SpotTheDifference: The Narendra Modi Doppelganger – Going places with Jagdish Rai Bhatia.


What’s life like when you’re a striking doppelganger for Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy and arguably the most well-known Indian in the world?

The UKAsian caught up with Mr Jagdish Rai Bhatia, a 60-year-old businessman from Delhi who has a remarkable resemblance to PM Modi, to find out.

When did it first strike you about your close resemblance to Mr Modi?

It was during a visit to my Bank Branch when the Manager, with a wicked smile, said that, “Sir, You resemble one of the most prominent leaders of India.”  I did not pay attention to his words, then; but the very same day, at the Delhi Secretariat, one of the serving Ministers said the same thing.  That day onwards, I began to observe, and was astonished to see God’s beauty of creation in me.  Things started hitting home during the Parliamentary Elections a couple of years ago when Shri Narendra Modi was campaigning and he announced he would be a candidate.  The day the results of the elections were out and Mr Modi was announced the PM of India, I was on a holiday with my family in Mussoorie.  That very day, I was not able to walk upto my hotel, merely 1.5kms away, due to the maddening crowd that had encircled me, and I couldn’t just get pass through them.

Are you a Modi supporter?

Proudly, yes.  I’ve never seen a leader so poised and wise and with such decisiveness.  Things have started moving for the good, here in India since he took office.

What kind of personality traits do you share with Mr Modi?

We share the rare quality of being far sighted.  I often contemplate the future of my country, and the means of achieving that.  That’s what Shri Modi does day in and day out!  And, we love to see people happy.  We also share a very similar dressing sense, almost the same color combinations, plus the Traditional Kurta Payajama with a waist coat.


What are the perks of being the Prime Minister’s doppelganger?

A lot of respect and love from the public.

Have you had an invitation from Mr Modi?

Not yet.  But I do believe, that I’ll get that opportunity very soon!

What would you say to him if you met him?

Firstly, I’d jump for joy then I would share some of my ideas with him.

What is the weirdest thing that’s happened to you as a result of your similarity?

While strolling at a famous mall near my home in South Delhi, a group of 4-5 men came up to me concerened, and said, “Sir, please don’t go anywhere without your security!  We’re very shocked to see you all by youself.  Please be careful.”   It was hilarious.  Though I told them I was not Modi, they, however, did not believe me and said “You’re just saying so to avoid chaos here!”   I just couldn’t get them to believe it!


Mr Modi has his fair share of critics.  Have you ever been targeted while walking down the street?  People accusing you of being a communalist?

So far, never.  People get busy taking selfies and changing their whatsapp DP’s.  They usually don’t bother getting critical.

What have you made of Mr Modi’s first months in office?

He has accomplished way more than what could have been ever imagined.  I am certain, that under his guidance and leadership, India will achieve all its glory very soon.



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