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#Stark: Malala’s blood-splattered school uniform to be displayed at Oslo peace exhibition

A school uniform worn by Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai when she was shot by Taliban gunmen in 2012 is to go on display in the Norwegian capital Oslo.

The blood-stained blue and white uniform was made part of the Nobel Peace Prize Exhibition at the Nobel Peace Centre earlier this year after a request by Malala. 

Malala said in a statement: “My school uniform is very important to me because when I was going to school I would wear it.  The day I was attacked, I was wearing this uniform. 

“I was fighting for my right to go to school, I was fighting for my right to get education.

“Wearing a uniform made me feel that yes, I am a student, I am doing it, practically.  It is an important part of my life, now I want to show it to children, to people all around the world.

“This is my right, it is the right of every child, to go to school. This should not be neglected.”

The dark crimson patches on the uniform are a stark reminder of the horror faced by the 17-year-old Malala after being fired on at point-blank range by gunmen as she made her way to school in Pakistan’s restive Swat Valley in October 2012. 

Executive Director of the Nobel Peace Center Bente Erichsen said the uniform was a strong and heartbreaking symbol of the forces many girls are fighting for the right to go to school.

“The uniform has been kept by the family since the attempted murder, and we are grateful that Malala has chosen to show it to the public in our exhibition,” the director said.

Malala, along with Indian education campaigner Kailash Satyarthi, were awarded the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize. 

The two laureates will inaugurate the eight-week long Nobel Peace Prize exhibition on Thursday.



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