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Still living with mum? Be on TV!

Still living with your mom and dad at 30 years of age? Mom still preparing all three meals? Dad’s agreed to sort out a job through his contacts and to pay for your wedding? Basically, you can still get mom to tie your shoelaces? 

BBC 3, eternally staving off questions about the quality of its’ programming by Telegraph columnists and always on the look out for content that will entertain increasingly fried viewers, might be interested. 

If you’re aged between 17 and 26, unemployed and have a knack for getting your mom and dad to do pretty much anything you want, the appropriately named ‘Monkey Kingdom’ production house – behind such TV wonders as ‘Young, Dumb            and Living off Mum’ – wants you! 

If you’re interested, email beontv@monkeykingdom.com or call 020 7749 2981.




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