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#Cooler: Strawberry Coconut Cooler With Kiwi And Lime


On a hot summer’s day, nothing can rejuvenate you like a chilled drink. There can be innumerable variations possible of a chilled drink involving many different fruits to begin with and, of course, the much-loved cold teas and coffees. This recipe brings in strawberries, which is very much in season, along with kiwi and lime infused in coconut water.

Did you know, coconut water is low in calories, low in fat and cholesterol, has more potassium than bananas. With this super hydrating addition, I considered adding a couple of other dimensions to add a zing to the drink.

Serve this on a hot summer’s day for your family or friends and enjoy the invigoration whilst absorbing all the minerals, anti-oxidants the ingredients bring in.


12 roughly chopped strawberries

2 cups of coconut water

1 tablespoon of lime juice (adjust to taste)

2 slices of lime

1 kiwi, peeled and roughly chopped for the drink

2 kiwis peeled and sliced for addition to the drink and for the garnish

ice cubes as needed


In a blender or mixer/grinder jar, blend together the strawberries, kiwi, lime juice first to form a puree.

Then add coconut water and blend again to form a uniform mixture. Strain the mixture to remove the seeds.

Add slices of lime and kiwi into the jug/container with the drink.

Serve with added ice cubes.



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