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#Streetorial: Saran Kohli’s ‘Molecules of a Dream’ at Breakin’ Convention


A surreal new production by British Asian choreographer and fashion designer Saran Kohli has been included in this year’s roster at the ‘Breakin’ Convention’ festival at London’s Sadler’s Wells.

Kohli’s piece, appropriately-titled ‘Molecules of a Dream’, will be featured along with dozens of other productions at the festival, one of the world’s great showcases for hip hop-inspired dance theatre.

Much like all great British Asian creations, ‘Molecules of a Dream’ fuses Kohli’s two passions – design and dance.

The end product is as dreamlike as the title suggests: the sartorially-gifted Kohli utterly stylish in Pagri and Ray Bans along with three other dancers, all clad in standard-issue ‘Men in Black’ uniforms, rocking a mixture of hip-hop, freestyle and contemporary moves to a medley that includes Queen and Justin Timberlake, among others. 

According to Kohli, ‘Molecules of a Dream’ is an attempt to provide an insight into an individual’s dreams of hope, freedom and happiness through dance and movement, “representing the molecules that clash within the current system of social and economic edifice”

‘Molecules’ is the latest dreamscape by the talented Kohli whose unique genre of ‘Streetorial’ marries dance and fashion.

The production will be a welcome addition to Breakin’ Convention, which takes 1 – 4 May.

Now in its 12th year, Breakin’ Convention is one of the highlights of the British dance calendar and one of the world’s greatest celebrations of hip hop culture.

The Festival features dozens of dance troupes from across Europe, North America and beyond and features live DJ’s, freestyle dance jams, exhibitions and workshops.

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