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#StretchingIt: Hindu group demands apology over Kali depiction in ‘Sleepy Hollow’

A US-based Hindu Group has demanded an apology from the American TV network Fox for “disrespecting” their faith on an episode of the hit shot ‘Sleepy Hollow’.

The University Society of Hinduism, which professes to “motivate, educate and empower people through Hinduism”, has taken issue with an episode titled ‘Kali Yuga’ (Age of Kali) and broadcast on 26 January in the United States.

The president of USH, Rajan Zed, said that the depiction of the Hindu goddess Kali was “highly inappropriate” and urged programme makers and Fox executives to apologize publicly.

In a statement, Zed said that Kali – the goddess associated with empowerment – is a revered figure in Hinduism and should not have been depicted “casually” for “dramatic effect” in a TV show.

The episode featured a statue of Kali being used to turn a man into a demon, which was unheard of in Hindu scriptures, Zed added.

Kali Yuga describes the age of Kali or age of darkness – the last of the four stages that the world goes through as part of the cycle of ‘Yugas’ or epochs as described in Hindu scripture.

Fox is yet to respond to Zed’s statement.



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