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#Suspicions: Cancer surgeon whose death rate was double that of his colleagues is sacked

A British Indian cancer surgeon whose death rate for patients was more than twice the rate of his colleagues has been sacked from the NHS.

Sudip Sarker was fired on Monday from both the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch and the Worcestershire Royal Hospital after a three-year long investigation.

Sarker, 46, was investigated by the Royal College of Surgeons and the General Medical Council after ten of his patients died and several had to be re-admitted to hospital following procedures he had carried out.

Sarker, a consultant colorectal surgeon earning £85,000 a year, had restrictions placed on his license and suspended last October.

According to report, West Mercia Police are continuing a separate criminal investigation into Sarker.

Sarker completed his basic surgical training at Imperial College London and his higher surgical training at the Royal Free and University College London hospitals.

The Royal College of Surgeons found that Sarker had an 8 percent death rate compared to 4 percent and as low as 2 percent for his colleagues.

The RCS also found that 16 per cent of Sarker’s patients returned to theatre within 30 days of surgery, compared to 4.7 per cent with one of his colleagues and none for another.

Following the investigation, the RCS also claimed some of Sarker’s patient case notes appeared to have been amended post-surgery.

A West Mercia Police spokesman confirmed today that its investigation into Sarker is still ongoing, and that there have been no arrests made.



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