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#Taboo?: Instagram sorry for taking down menstruation-themed pics by Indo-Canadian artist

Photo-sharing site Instagram has apologized and restored the pictures by an Indo-Canadian artist exploring the issue of menstruation after initially taking down the “provocative” images.

The images featured Rupi Kaur, from Toronto, with bloody spots on her clothing and on the bathroom floor.

Ms Kaur said the images were aimed at challenging the taboos surrounding menstruation.

The main image, taken by her sister Prabh of Ms Kaur lying on her bed with a blood spot on her trousers, was taken down by Instagram for “violating community standards”.

However, the social networking site eventually restored the images and issued an apology to Ms Kaur, claiming it was an “accident”.

The image and news of the removal made headlines around the world with many re-sharing the images from Ms Kaur’s website.

However, some users accused Ms Kaur of being “provocative”, a charge she dismisses.

She told the BBC: “I wasn’t being provocative. […] When I initially put it up I knew there would be some controversy and some hate comments and then it would go away.

“Never in a million years did I expect it to be on every major headline everywhere.  It was interesting the way people were belittling the experience and the struggle of the period.

“You won’t go on vacation because of your period, you change your wedding date, it goes everywhere with you and you are in so much pain. Women are hospitalised.”

You can see the full series on Ms Kaur’s website www.rupikaur.com



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