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#BlackDot: Novel new campaign makes it easy for domestic abuse victims to ask for help.

Victims of domestic abuse have a startlingly simple yet novel new way of asking for help, thanks to a new campaign created by a survivor of domestic abuse.

The Black Dot Campaign encourages anyone experiencing domestic abuse to draw a small black dot on the palm of their hand.

It’s the kind of initiative that is seen as particularly helpful for victims from those ethnic minority communities where abuse goes unreported because of cultural reasons.

The campaign’s Facebook page states: "This is a campaign to help the most vulnerable victims of domestic violence.  They simply draw a black dot on their hands and agencies, family, friends, community centres, doctors, hospitals can recognise this person needs help but cannot ask for it."

According to the campaign’s founder, it’s already paying off.

She told the Huffington Post: "This has helped many people already and I thank everyone for their continued support.  We have helped people access services they didn’t feel strong enough to access, and we are raising awareness worldwide."

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