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#Shivaji: Celebrate Marathi culture with Maharashtra Mandal London

The Indian warrior king Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj has long been an integral part of the identity of the Marathi community from India with the 17th Century ruler’s wisdom, courage, progressive attitudes and tolerance becoming benchmarks for the people of Maharashtra. Now Maharashtra Mandal London (MML), the world’s largest community organization …

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#MoongDalHalwa: Celebrate Holi with a quintessentially Indian sweet

Recipe Moong Dal Halwa

                                                                                         Image copyright – @cookingwidjoy Holi isn’t just about being smothered in a myriad different colours.  As with all Indian festivals, food is an integral part of the celebrations. Swati Pareek explains. Moong Dal Halwa is one of my favourites and an extremely relishing delicacy from North/West India. This rich …

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#Revolution: Aam Aadmi Party UK supporters celebrate Kejriwal’s Delhi landslide

UK-based supporters of the Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal gathered in London on Valentine's Day to celebrate their party's resounding victory in the recent Delhi state elections.

Much like the party's supporters back in India, the UK supporters reflect AAP's unique appeal which spans India's social, cultural and economic spectrum - among the members are doctors, lawyers, management consultants, marketing executives, students and a whole host of others representing all levels of society.

The organizational configuration of the UK group also reflects AAP's own fluid, collaborative and constantly evolving structure.

Whilst it is not a registered charity or doesn't describe itself as "official" in any way, the group has contributed in innumerable ways to AAP's stunning rise to prominence in recent years, whether it's through spread the party's anti-corruption message in the UK or raising funds.

The UKAsian's editor Viji Alles caught up with some of the party's jubilant supporters at the event in Southall.

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#Jind: Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the Swoonful and Soulful Navin Kundra


Navin Kundra is like the favourite relative you never notice; the warm and cuddly teddy bear who's never seen the inside of a washing machine - always there, a comforting presence but often taken for granted.

There is a certain ubiquity to him that has long been comforting, always there at innumerable events - from the painfully stylish and posh to not-so stylish and posh - providing the backing tune, the entertainment.

Until one day you are completely blown out of your already ripped stockings by arguably one of the most soulful voices, not just in the British Asian music scene, but anywhere.

The British Curry Awards attracts - literally - thousands of people so keeping everyone's attention is often difficult.  Just ask David Cameron or Theresa May.

At the 2014 edition of the event, held on a cold December night deep inside Battersea Park, Kundra crooned into everyone's hearts with his quite superb remix of 'All of Me'.

Fusion music's been around for ages but a truly great fusing of east and west is rare and Kundra's version of the unforgettable John Legend ballad is just such a rarity - his exceptional range and the infusion of Hindi lyrics taking the song to a whole new level.

For Valentine's Day, Kundra is taking the romance to yet another level with his latest release 'Jind (Love is Life)' which, appropriately enough, is inspired by a real-life love story.

Co-produced Paul Sampson and Ramzi - of 'Love is Blind' fame - 'Jind' too is a fusion of sorts marrying eastern and western classical styles with contemporary Spanish influences.

The song also features the talents of Alison Gabrielle - the internationally acclaimed Cellist.

Kundra says he was felt compelled to create the track given what he describes as the "incredible" true story of love behind its lyrics.

“The song is about how that one special person completes you.  Everything about it is so deep and honest and I think anyone who’s ever been in love can relate to it,” said Kundra. 

Here's a little tease.  'Jind' will be available 12 February.

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