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#WATCH: Abhishek Bachchan hails Keith Vaz’s contribution to Diaspora community

He’s held the Leicester East seat for twenty-eight years but that doesn’t mean that Keith Vaz MP is getting complacent – especially since the upcoming general election is going to be the most closely-fought in a generation.

Mr Vaz enlisted the help of his “family friend” Abhishek Bachchan to give his campaign for re-election some ‘Bollywood Magic’ and Bachchan Jr was more than happy to oblige, taking time out from celebrating his wedding anniversary with former Miss World wife Aishwarya.

Leicester’s famous Belgrave Road was brought to a standstill on Sunday as Bachchan’s fans and Mr Vaz’s supporters lined the streets, turning the whole thing into something akin to an election campaign rally in rural Bihar as opposed staid old Britain. 

Whilst Mr Vaz is not too worried about re-election (his majority in 2010 was more than 14,000), he did acknowledge that he wouldn’t stand a chance against Abhishek.

"I am absolutely delighted Abhishek is here in Leicester, I have known him for many years.  I'm glad he's fitted it in, but I would ask him not to stand in Leicester East, as I'd have no chance", he said.

Abhishek, clad in a sharp suit and sunglasses, hailed Mr Vaz for “looking after the interests of the Indian Diaspora community in Britain” – a view held by many within the community.

It was all a bit...well...Bollywood.

Mr Vaz’s Conservative opponent Kishan Devani, understandably enough, wasn’t too happy.

"The people of Leicester will decide who to vote for on questions of policy, not because of Bollywood stars coming to the city.  It's patronising to think that people will be swayed by gimmicks like this instead of policies which will affect their lives.It caused a lot of disruption and for what?", Mr Devani said.

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