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Two American students have launched a fundraising drive to finance a new invention they say will "enhance" people's sexual pleasure.

Their idea?  An electric condom that stimulates the penis with bursts of electricity. 

It's the outlandish idea of the slightly-less outlandishly named Firaz Peer and Andrew Quitmeyer of the Digital Media Program at Georgia Tech University. 

The duo say that the condoms will "maintain the soundness and protection that the condoms already provide" whilst "enhancing the sexual experience". 

In a statement on a crowd-funding website, they said that the (appropriately named) "Electric Eel" will be a "digital" condom designed to "enhance your sexual pleasure."

The statement adds: "The prototype is built with conductive fabric and a Lilypad micro-controller and delivers short electric impulses along the underside of the shaft for increased stimulation."

The team cheekily adds that the amount of electricity used is "very small" and that the designs have been "personally tested" by the designers themselves. 

During one test - in which the pulse mechanism was connected to a 'breathing' sensor, the team said the results were "pleasurable, comfortable and exciting".

They are currently asking for $350 to make one of the devices on www.indiegogo.com.

Here's, erm, a demonstration on how the condom works:

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