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#Engage: Meera Syal…teams up with Professor Green? For Shakespeare?


One of the world’s biggest consumer electronics giants is bringing Shakespeare to the generation blighted by short attention spans and video gaming.

Samsung, in partnership with the venerable Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), have released a ground-breaking new android app hoping to inspire students into exploring Shakespeare, both in the classroom and beyond.

In one of the first tests for the new app, Samsung brought together the unique pairing of British Asian actress Meera Syal, the star of innumerable Shakespearean dramas (of both varieties) with Professor Green, one of Britain’s biggest rap artists to perform the Bard at a school in northwest London.

This is what happened:

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#CleanEnergy: Make in India but Make it Green.

  Whilst their ‘bromance’ may have hogged the headlines, beyond the front pages, the recent talks between Barack Obama and Narendra Modi were underpinned by the issue of climate change. President Obama urged India – the world’s third-biggest carbon polluter – to overlook the perceived double standard of First World …

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The wondrous health benefits of Green Tea

Green tea and its nutrients All kinds of tea, be it black, green or oolong, comes from the Camellia sinensis plant. The colour of the tea depends upon the amount of fermentation it has been through. Oolong tea is partially fermented, black tea is completely fermented and green tea is …

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