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#VIDEO: ‘Avatar’ director James Cameron heaps praise on Vidhu Vinod Chora’s Hollywood debut

As endorsements go, it doesn't get any bigger or more complementary than this.

Bollywood super-producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra's Hollywood debut has received fulsome praise from no less a figure than 'Avatar' and 'Titanic' director James Cameron.

Cameron describes Chopra's 'Broken Horses' as a "Spare and Lean" film that "wraps around the viewer".

It's the kind of description normally reserved for independent filmmakers, not one of Bollywood's commercially successful filmmakers.

Chopra, 62, is responsible for such iconic films as the sweeping romance '1942: A Love Story' through the socially conscious monster hit '3 Idiots', the hugely successful 'Munna Bhai' series and PK - Bollywood's first $100 million blockbuster - Chopra.

Whilst they were all extremely entertaining, subtle or sparse they were not.

'Broken Horses' appears to be the very antithesis of Chopra's usually gregarious films - dark, moody and taut.

In fact, Cameron compares the film to a Steinbeck novel. 

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#ASHOKAMRITRAJ: Hollywood producer laments “Lack of Recognition” for writers in Bollywood (VIDEO)

Former Indian Tennis pro turned mega Hollywood producer Ashok Amritraj has lamented the “lack of recognition” for screenwriters in India, saying it is hindering progress for cinema in the subcontinent. The producer behind Hollywood blockbusters such as ‘Double Impact’, ‘Get Carter’ and the ‘Ghost Rider’ sequel said writers with creative …

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Big B plays down Gatsby ‘Hollywood Debut’

Amitabh Bachchan has attempted to play down his cameo in ‘The Great Gatsby’, saying it was “just a friendly gesture” rather than his “Hollywood debut” as some commentators have suggested.  The senior Bachchan’s comments come days after he appeared on the red carpet at the films’ world premier in New …

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From Hindu Temple to Hollywood Hairdo

The heat is damp and stifling, the sound that fills the air at once distinctive and surreal. Hundreds of cut-throat razors are at work, scraping rapidly, in a hall packed with girls and women, like so many sheep at a shearing. Thick, dark clumps of hair flop down into baskets …

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