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“Kolkata Cross Currents” at London’s Saatchi Gallery

Kolkata has nurtured and inspired artists for centuries and now three of the city’s leading lights are coming to arguably the greatest contemporary art space in London.  Artists Sumitro Basak, Shreyasi Chattergee and Kingshuk Sarkar have been included among some of Britain’s greatest artists as part of the inaugural STRARTA …

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Kolkata: Leading India’s Surrogacy Boom

They don’t mind the bad roads. The stench. Or the chaos on the streets. Childless couples are coming to Kolkata from all over the world in search of the joy of parenthood. The city’s fertility clinics have been visited by at least 50 patients on average every month for the …

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Irish Charity Worker Drugged and Raped in Kolkata

Police in Kolkatta have arrested a local businessman suspected of drugging and raping a 21-year-old Irish charity worker. Reports say the attack had occurred after a party celebrating the girls’ birthday. The woman filed a police case over the weekend, saying she was assaulted in a semi-conscious state after drinking …

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