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#GandhiStatue: Exploring Mahatma Gandhi’s relationship with Great Britain

Mahatma Gandhi (Seated bottom right) with fellow members of the Vegetarian Society in London in 1890

A permanent memorial to Indian independence icon Mahatma Gandhi was unveiled in London's Parliament Square this weekend.

Gandhi’s statue will join that of his famous adversary in his campaign for independence,  Winston Churchill, as well as others, among them Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln.

Gandhi is the only person never to have occupied public office to be honoured with a statue in the famous public square, and the first Indian.

The memorial’s inauguration coincides with a season of commemorations that mark the 100th anniversary of Gandhi’s return to India from South Africa to begin the struggle for self-rule.

Yet the statue in London is also testament to Gandhi’s profound relationship with Britain: of both the considerable influence and impact Gandhi had in Britain itself, but also the influence Britain had on Gandhi.

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#ICON: Mahatma Gandhi statue to be erected on Parliament Square

A statue of Mahatma Gandhi will be erected near the Houses of Parliament in London, the government announced on Tuesday. The Mahatma’s likeness will be added to a collection of statues of global icons such as Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln on the famous Parliament Square in Westminster. …

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A Human and a Hero: The Different Shades of Mahatma Gandhi

Known as ‘Father of Nation’, ‘Bapu’, the man who strived tirelessly for not only Indian independence but Hindu-Muslim unity, Mahatma Gandhi is certainly one of the most well-known personalities in history. However, Gandhi’s ‘semi-divine’ image has prevented people from recognising that Gandhi was a person – a person who had …

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Mahatma Gandhi: A Wily Operator.

This week, the National Archives here in New Delhi released a set of letters between Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and a close friend from his South African days, Hermann Kallenbach, a German Jewish architect. Cue a set of ludicrous “Gay Gandhi” headlines across the world, wondering whether the fact the Mahatma …

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Letters on Mahatma Gandhi to be auctioned in London

Thousands of letters and photographs providing a never before seen glimpse into the life of Mahatma Gandhi are to be auctioned by Sotheby’s in London this July. The archive reportedly belonged to Herman Kallenbach, a Jewish bodybuilder who befriended Gandhi during the latter’s years in South Africa. The collection is …

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Mahatma Gandhi personal effects auctioned for GBP128,000

A collection of personal items belonging to Mahatma has been auctioned off in Shropshire for £128,000 with his iconic spectacles fetching more than GBP40,000. The sale featured 27 items associated with Gandhi and attracted interest from across the world. Ghandi’s family had branded aspects of the sale ‘morbid’ after it …

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