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#COMMENT: Why White Women Marry Indian Men. A White Woman’s Response.

  Heather and her Indian man…about to go dancing around a tree… Devon-born, Mumbai-based author and journalist Heather Saville Gupta responds to an outrageous article in the Indian lifestyle website www.boldsky.com by Denise Baptiste, outlining ‘Why White Women Marry Indian Men’. Baptiste’s reasons include such gems as “Indians are obsessed with …

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#Response: How Indian women are fighting back against abusers with smart phones

Indian women armed with smart phones are using the clout of social media to fight sexual harassment by filming and publicly shaming men who molest them as greater awareness of violence against women spreads.

In the latest of a series of incidents, a young Indian woman used her smart phone to shoot video of a man sitting behind her on an IndiGo airline flight who tried to grope her between the seats.

She filmed her rebuke of him in front of the other passengers.

The video, posted on YouTube this week, went viral, adding to growing anger over gender violence in the world's second most populous country where women are frequently sexually harassed in public and on transportation.

The trend to name-and-shame sex offenders comes after the gang-rape and murder of a 23-year-old woman on a bus in Delhi in 2012.

The incident sparked public protests and led to a national debate about the security of women - encouraging victims once embarrassed to come forward to use smartphones to expose perpetrators.

Interest in safety apps with SOS buttons to alert contacts and websites to report sexual harassment has surged in the past year or so as more women challenge the age-old patriarchal attitudes in India that view women as lower in status than men.

The latest video made on a domestic flight by budget airline IndiGo from Mumbai had been seen by 4.4 million viewers as of Thursday morning and sparked outrage across social media.

"Because I’m a girl, and you have the right to touch me anytime, anywhere you want to?" the woman yells at the middle-aged man, who tries to cover his face with his hand.

The man eventually responds, saying he is sorry and asking forgiveness, watched by passengers disembarking the plane.

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